Simple, quick, and efficient

The Qchoc Processing Line offers state-of-the art technology with its unique production method. The Q-CHOC principle is the ideal, compact in-house system for the continuous processing of chocolate masses, compounds, coatings, spreads, and fillings. The entire unit is fully automated.


Continuous weighing and mixing

All ingredients such as cocoa liquor, cocoa powder, sugar, and lecithin are fed automatically into the weighing/pre-mixer vessel. This mixer is designed with maximum accessibility and easy feeding. After accurate weighing by loading cells, the ingredients are fed into the upper vessel and dumped into the holding vessel. The process flow and information can be stored and viewed on the display.

The specially designed agitators start mixing immediately. Once the batch has been homogenously mixed, and is fed into the lower vessel where an additional cycle of intensive mixing takes place.


The best possible refining action

The refining is accomplished by a special shaft with agitator arms, rotating in a vertical jacketed grinding tank filled with hardened steel balls. The various layers of grinding elements move in the same direction but at different speeds. The speed of the balls is highest at the tips of the grinding arms, but almost zero at the periphery of the chamber, which reduces the rubbing effect. The ball mill’s special design ensures a low product temperature and is much less prone to wear.


Always the required fineness with the Royal Duyvis Wiener Ball Mill

Royal Duyvis Wiener ball mills have proven their efficiency over past decades and can be used for the production of chocolate with any required fineness, batch-wise (Q-choc batch) or in continuous lines.

Royal Duyvis Wiener Conching lines

Both the Batch Liquid Conch (BLC), and the Continuous Liquid Conch (CLC) have been designed with the combination of a shear stress device, and an efficient film evaporator in which hot, dry air and chocolate are brought together resulting in the extraction of moisture, volatile amino acids and off-flavors from the mixture.


Thinfilm evaporator for liquid conching

The Liquid Conch is specially designed for improving: viscosity, yield improvement, dehumidifying, treating, and degasifying. The Batch Liquid Conch (BLC) is mounted on the circulation tank in Batch-wise production lines.


The Continuous Liquid Conche (CLC)

The Liquid Conche is developed for thin film treatment of chocolate, compound, and cocoa masses. The Continuous Liquid Conche is a combination of the Thin Film Evaporator TFE and Taste Changer TC, both well-proven systems have been installed worldwide in the past 40 years. The two main functions of its conching process are: the thermal degasification and the mechanical shearing stress. Both functions are carried out in the reactor in the thinly spread mass layer.

The product enters the reactor via a shear stress device on top of the reactor and is distributed over the reactor wall as mass film. This film is continuously shorn by the rotor and kept at constant film thickness, where the mass moves downwards towards the outlet.

The Continuous Liquid Conche (CLC)  is a standalone unit and therefore easily integrated, making it an excellent choice for those looking to upgrade their chocolate processing lines!


An intensive treatment within short duration

For thermal treatment, constantly preheated air is additionally led through the rotor and outlet nozzles, directly in the mass film. The temperature of this fresh micro-filtered hot air is pre-selectable. Consisting of a high absorbing capacity for exhaust vapours to be discharged, due to the relatively low air humidity. The temperature treatment can be pre-selected by the double jacket heating. The dehumidified, thermally and mechanically treated mass is discharged at the bottom of the reactor.


Main benefits:

  • Consistent product quality
  • Simple, fully automatic operation
  • Requires a minimal amount of space, no foundations required
  • Low energy consumption
  • Extremely low wear
  • Flexible in terms of recipes and product composition
  • Fast payback time

Qchoc Processing Line

  • Quick, simple and efficient process
  • Fully automated
  • Turnkey solution for weighing, mixing, grinding, and conching