Two chocolate processes in one!

A prime example of Royal Duyvis Wiener high standard in the development of innovative chocolate production machinery is the Uniroto, designed for batch-wise refining of a wide range of chocolate products.


An efficient combination

The Uniroto is the flexible and accessible combination of two chocolate making processes in one. A leap forward in chocolate production machinery and it’s associated technologies. This chocolate making machine really does it all!

At Royal Duyvis Wiener, we have combined the Duyvis Wiener Ball Mill and Thin Film Evaporator, with its automatic lecithin dosing and pre-mixer. The Refiner Conch, a compact machine used for the production of chocolate has an excellent track record. The Uniroto puts at your disposal a first class grinder, able to refine both crystal and powdered sugar.

The addition of the Thin Film Evaporator makes the Uniroto the market leader in chocolate production machinery. Cost effective, with a low energy yield, unparalleled productivity, and quality.


The capacity to suit your needs

The Uniroto is available with a range of batch capacities, all of which improve product quality, reduce production time, and decrease energy usage.


A professional process

The entire mass is both ground and conched during circulation, resulting in better quality product: through a process that is easier, and uses less energy than ever before. With its autonomous cycle controls and the capacity to implement batch specific requirements: there has never been a more accessible, user friendly, batch wise refiner of high quality chocolate.


Main benefits:

  • Requires minimal floor space.
  • Can be operated directly by any employee.
  • Minimal Supervision required during process.
  • Decreased labour time per charge.
  • Closed system of chocolate making machine improves hygiene.
  • Extremely low energy consumption.
  • Suitable for both crystal and powdered sugar.
  • Fully automated chocolate production machinery.
  • Improved product consistency due to autonomous nature of equipment, no longer dependent on the experience of operator.


  • Batch wise refining of high quality chocolate
  • Professional process
  • Minimum labour time per charge
  • Hygienic
  • Suitable for crystal and powdered sugar