Batch-wise and continuous refining of compounds and chocolate

The innovative solution for the batch-wise and continuous refining of compounds, coatings, spreads and fillings based on the highest quality standards.
Developed by F.B. Lehmann and offered by Royal Duyvis Wiener, the EMA-CHOC grinding systems ends the era of conventional, labor-intensive production in batch-wise refining of compounds, coatings, spreads, and fillings. The innovative approach combines a pre-mixer with ball mill refiners, for intermediate and/or fine grinding results in an efficient and sustainable production process.
All ingredients are fed manually or automatically into the pre-mixer, using an inclined conveyor if required. The mixing process creates a homogenous mass and scrapers prevent sugar sticking to the walls of the vessel. The mass is transferred from the pre-mixer to the FM ball mill system for refining.


Always the required capacity

  • The EMA-CHOC 200/250, refining capacity of up to 250 kg/hr. based on the FM-50 ball mill
  • The EMA-CHOC 400/450, refining capacity of up to 450 kg/hr. based on the FM-100 ball mill
  • The EMA-CHOC 650/1000, refining capacity of up to 1000 kg/hr. based on the FM-250 ball mill

In addition, F.B. Lehmann can also provide the EMA-CHOC 1200 and EMA-CHOC 2400, with a continuous refining capacity of 1200 or 2400 kg/hr.


Main benefits:

  • Hygienic production by closed circuit process
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Low operational cost
  • Refining of crystal sugar-based recipes for maximum flavor development

EMA Choc

  • Compact production unit
  • Refining of crystal sugar-based recipes
  • Manufacturing of coatings and filling compounds
  • Turnkey Solution
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