For the continuous refining of coatings, fillings and spreads

With our Royal Duyvis Wiener ball mills, conventional labour-intensive production methods have been replaced by the introduction of the versatile Choc-1250 and Choc-1500 machines: convenient and economical solutions for the continuous refining of compounds, coatings, fillings, and spreads.

Our Royal Duyvis Wiener ball mills are perfect for making cocoa products with its integrated system of pre-mixer and ball-mill refiner. Designed for intermediate and/or fine grinding, our versatile Choc-machines and can be fitted with our conching equipment if required.


A ball mill that is hard to beat

Both the Choc-1250 and Choc-1500 ball mills guarantee high production flexibility, quick payback time, and great product quality. With the addition of our Wiecomix 350 mixer and integrated weighing computer, it makes an ideal, compact in-house system for the continuous refinement of chocolate products.


An operation that is completely automatic

With our fully automated equipment, all product information regarding the process flow can be seen and stored on the display unit.

All ball mills are energy efficient designed to ensure a low product temperature.


Main benefits:

•    Quality of products is consistent
•    Easy switch over from one product to another
•    Fully automatic operation
•    Machinery occupies a small amount of space, no foundations needed
•    Low energy consumption bills
•    No maintenance costs
•    Low-wear
•    Flexibility of recipes and product composition

Choc-1250 / Choc-1500

  • Continuous refining of compound
  • Combined application of a pre-mixer and ball mill refiners
  • Consistent product quality
  • Simple, fully automatic operation