The perfect partnership of innovation and tradition

Royal Duyvis Wiener offers F.B. Lehmann’s groundbreaking 5 roll refining process in our chocolate processing line. The revolutionary five roll refiner WF 13 and WF 20 is the result of 175 years experience in the development of chocolate production equipment. The result: excellent quality and scrupulously hygienic chocolate production machines manufactured according to global standards of safety.


The 5 roll method

Efficiency is maximised with the PLC buffer. Adjusted to your own individual specifications, the completely automated functions for storing, transporting, and dosing solid and liquid ingredients, creates any recipe you require.

Up to four batches can be produced every hour, because the pre-mixing vessel feeds the chocolate processing line at the best possible capacity. Prior to refining, the perfect homogenous paste is created by our specially designed agitators which mix your ingredients to the required consistency.

The production modes are flexible with numerous options available for adjusting this aspect of the chocolate production process and processing line to your own requirements. We use individual drives in our 5 roll refiners, a true innovation in the chocolate production process!

Our 5 roll refiners are perfect for all types of chocolate processing lines, including a high capacity processing line. For chocolate production processes that involve a high capacity chocolate processing line we have made separate gear drives available, so that you can adjust each feeding roll as you wish.

A common drive unit drives the other rolls. This optimised flexibility also makes this aspect of the chocolate processing line ideal for producing several different recipes with a single unit. As you can deploy the gear drives to adjust the five rolls separately, producing different technological combinations to suit each recipe.

Further versatility is ensured in this aspect of the chocolate production process by the fact that you can utilise the PLC to adjust the hydraulic pressure: each roll’s revolution speed, and the friction ratio.

You can enhance the performance of this aspect of the chocolate production process further, by cooling the rollers with one of our optional extras: closed water loops.


Reliable and flexible turnkey technology

We install our turnkey chocolate processing lines in accordance with each customer’s specific requirements. We have thus ensured that our systems for storage and transport can be adapted to any factory conditions. Our top quality control units have all of the necessary features to ensure the management of product quality and to enable the products to be traced.


Main benefits:

  • Fully hydraulic
  • Three drive motors
  • High-quality, composite casting rolls with uniform hard coating ensure high productivity and extremely long life
  • Batch capacity of 900 kg / h at the WF 13 and 1,400 kg / hr for the larger WF 20 can be achieved
  • Refines between 14 microns and 20 microns, with pre-rolled masses
  • The rollers have a working width of 1,300 mm and 2,000 mm
  • The automatic temperature control, proven hydraulics, dry run protection and advanced controls make the rolling mills reliable and user-friendly
  • The body is made from easily cleanable stainless steel
  • The feeding hopper and the discharge hopper can be removed with ease for cleaning

5 Roll Refiner

  • Innovative 5-Roll Refining
  • Fully automated process
  • Flexible production with a single unit
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