two roll refiner machine

F.B. Lehmann’s pre-refiner utilises an innovative Two-roll method

Royal Duyvis Wiener offers Lehmann’s two-roll pre-refiner WZ9 and WZ13 that are optimised for the highest productivity. The beautifully designed rolls work to refine and calibrate the sugar crystals to a fineness of 120 to 180 microns.
The Two-roll refiner is extremely durable and resistant to wear. With tried and tested components in our specially designed hydraulic controls, gap adjustment, and drive technology. The result is reliable and consistently produced pre-ground chocolate batches, ready for the subsequent refining process.


Use our integrated Two-roll and Five-roll system for innovative refining

Our WZ 10 2 roll pre-refining equipment can also be purchased in an integrated form with our Type WF 20-3 5 roll refiner. This creates a standalone unit perfect for small or medium capacity chocolate production.

A buffer is located at the top of our Two-roll pre-refiner. This buffer, fed by the mixer; acts as a storage centre for the whole batch of mixed chocolate. Subsequently, the batch will be discharged from the pre-refiner, and will reach the Five-roll refiners via a conveyor belt.

The fully automated PLC buffer stores your recipes, controls water-cooling and hydraulics. This makes the production process very flexible and reliable.

The rollers of this integrated Five-roll refiner are fashioned from cast iron, and have a 2000mm working width. The refiner itself is manufactured from stainless steel, and surpasses the industry’s standards for hygiene.


Reliable and flexible turnkey technology

We install our turnkey chocolate processing lines in accordance with each customer’s specific requirements. We have thus ensured that our systems for storage and transport can be adapted to any factory conditions. Our top quality control units have all of the necessary features to ensure the management of product quality and to enable the products to be traced.


Main benefits:

  • Stainless steel design, designed according to the latest hygienic requirements
  • PLC process control and recipe management
  • Fully automatic hydraulic control and cooling water control for easy, flexible and reliable production
  • Chilled cast iron rolls with available working width of 1,300 mm (WZ13) or 900 mm (WZ9)
  • Grinding fineness of 120 to 180 microns

2 Roll Pre-refiner

  • Reliable and flexible turnkey technology
  • Durable and resistant to wear
  • Pre-ground chocolate batches
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