A breakthrough in chocolate production machinery!

Designed to meet worldwide demand: The introduction of the Choc-425, Choc-600 and Choc-750 has put an end to dated manufacturing methods. With this innovative chocolate production machinery, Royal Duyvis Wiener combines: a pre mixer with ball mill refiners for superior grinding.

The Choc-425, Choc-600 and Choc-750 can be fitted with our conching equipment if required.


Chocolate production machinery to fit any capacity

The Choc-425, 600 and 750 have a grinding capacity of 450 kg per hour, 600 kg per hour and 750 kg per hour respectively. So whatever your productivity, whether small or medium scale, you’re certain to find the perfect solution using one of our machines.


Professional, easy to operate, chocolate production machinery

The Choc-425, Choc-600, and Choc-750 are remarkable examples of our easy to operate chocolate production equipment. No mess and no fuss! The pre-measured ingredients can be either fed manually, or via an inclined conveyor into the mixer. Ensuring optimum control of your product at all times.

Integrated paddles prevent sugar residue from adhering to the walls of the mixing vessel during the blending process. The mixture is then transferred to the W-85/W-90 ball mill for refining. The ball speed in the grinding chamber is at its highest at the grinding arm tips, lowering progressively to almost zero at the outer edges, cutting friction and significantly reducing wear.


Main benefits:

  • Ability to choose exact capacity
  • Combined pre mixer and ball mill refiner
  • Thorough blending of ingredients
  • Massive reduction in friction

Choc 425-600-750

  • Exceptional chocolate production
  • Batchwise refining of compounds and chocolate
  • Efficient mixing
  • Huge reduction in rubbing effect