Mixer machine Typ DMS - Kneader machine Typ DMK

Mixer and kneader for sugar based recipes

Our mixers and kneaders in the DMS and DMK series are used in the production of chocolate paste based on refined or icing sugar. The liquid and powdered ingredients are dosed into the mixer or kneader according to your recipe before mixing or kneading commences. The mixing and kneading times, as well as the decision whether to use a mixer or a kneader depends on the fineness of the sugar.


Mixer Typ DMS

If refined sugar is required, the DMS mixer is the perfect solution for mixing your ingredients into a homogeneous paste. Refined sugar has a lower viscosity and thus greatly facilitates the mixing process. This means that the actual mixing process is quicker after the ingredients have been added.


Kneader DMK

Chocolate made with icing sugar is a highly viscous paste, which requires more energy during the mixing and kneading process. This is why the drives of the DMK kneaders are fitted with strong gear motors. If finely ground icing-sugar is used in your recipe, a kneader from the DMK series will be your perfect solution. Icing sugar binds the cocoa butter or fats more strongly than refined sugar due to its greater surface.


Mixing / Kneading elements

The contrary direction of movement and the tensile and compression forces acting on the chocolate leads to an excellent mixing and kneading effect. The mixing and kneading elements are fixed on two horizontal shafts. The rear shaft moves the chocolate from the middle of the tank to both sides during mixing or kneading process. The chocolate paste is sheared between the walls of the tank and the shafts. The directional rotation of the rear shaft is automatically reversed during discharge so that all elements transport the chocolate into the two centrally arranged outlets. A PT-100 probe to measure the water temperature is built into the jacket of the tank. A second probe measures the chocolate temperature.

Mixer & Kneader for sugar based recipes

  • Chocolate paste based on refined or icing sugar
  • Mixing for refined-sugar based recipes
  • Kneader for icing-sugar based recipes
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