Wiecon mixer-refiner

Compound mixing & refining

Offering a complete solution for small-scale production of chocolate mass, compound, coatings, creams, and bread spreads, the Wiecon mixer-refiner provides a competitive advantage for compound chocolate manufacturers.

With its proven track record for compound mixing and small-batch production: The Wiecon is easily adapted to fulfill a variety of compound and chocolate mixing processes. It efficiently handles the mixing and grinding processes simultaneously, refining your product to the required particle size, saving you time and energy.


There are two versions of the Wiecon available:

The Wiecon 25, with a batch content of 275g, and the Wiecon 50, with a batch content of 450 kg.


Main benefits:

  • The Wiener’s compound mixing process ensures fineness and homogeneity, and excellent particle size distribution for consistent quality
  • No foundations are required and energy consumption is extremely low
  • The Wiecon is easy to clean and can be operated without prior expertise


The Wiecon 25 & 50 mixer-refiner

  • Mixer refiner for compound
  • No foundations required
  • Excellent particle size distribution
  • Excellent product fineness and homogeneity
  • Easy to clean