molten chocolate

Melting of cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, and fat blocks

To avoid sugar and fat bloom from spoiling your chocolate, Thouet has designed the Melter BAB with its special tank design, suitable for the melting of cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, and fat blocks.


One melter to melt two types of product at the same time!

The melting process of the blocks starts on the melting grid and is continued inside the jacketed tank. The melting grid and the jacketed tank are heated by warm water. The tank is divided and has two separate chambers. The melting grids and the chambers can be heated independently, making it possible to melt two products simultaneously at different temperatures.

The melting process of liquor blocks is supported by a mixing element in the melter tank. Warm water is conduct through the melting grid and the jacket of the tank in one or two separate loops. The product- and the water temperatures are detected by PT-100 sensors and shown on displays.


A closed water circuit

A water circulation pump pumps the water through the melting grid, the jacket of the tank and through the plate heat exchanger in a closed water loop. An expansion vessel and a water-refilling device are installed into the closed water circuit. A proportioning modulating valve controls the heat flow.



One discharge opening is situated in the lowest point of the tank. At the outside of the tank, a flange is screwed at the discharge pipe. At this flange, a strainer and/or a discharge pump can be connected.



The front, longitudinal side of the tank hood is open on the entire length. The blocks are pushed through the opened side of the hood onto the melting grid. This opening is equipped with doors.


Option for tempering

The water in the melting grid and the jacket of the tank can be heated by one common heating system fixed at the back of the melter-tank.

A control cabinet displays water, steam and product temperature. The control cabinet can be supplied attached directly on the tank or as a remote control cabinet to be mounted at the wall of the building.


Main benefits:

  • Removable melting grid makes it easy to clean inside the tank.
  • The melting grid is made of quadrangular, stainless steel tubes and is heated with hot water up to 90°C.
  • The hood is made of stainless steel and is detachable from the top of the tank for cleaning purposes.
  • The rectangular tank has a horizontal arrangement and stands on four feet.
  • The insulation of the tank made of stainless steel.

Melter BAB

  • Melter for cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, and fat blocks
  • Tempering of chocolate
  • Tank with dual chamber
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