ball mill machine

Use a W-1-S Laboratory Ball Mill for chocolate

At Royal Duyvis Wiener, we test and develop our recipes in our technology centre suitable for quality control, before production commences using our W-1-S-laboratory-ball-mill for confectionery coatings.

Our W-1-S-laboratory-ball-mill is designed and manufactured to meet worldwide industrial standards. With its manually adjustable agitator speed and a 2.5 kg capacity grinding tank, the laboratory ball mill is out on its own. It’s temperature controlled with a screw pump, recirculates the chocolate through the laboratory ball mill during processing. The W-1-S-laboratory-ball-mill includes a complete laboratory grinding line for variable media sizes.


The W-1-S Ball Mill consists of:

  • The grinding tank with stainless steel inner tank is designed for pressure less heating or cooling and holds 6.5 liters gross volume, 1.5 to 2.5 liters net volume
  • The chocolate ball mill has a bottom discharge, special sieve, a discharge plug for grinding, and two half-moon shaped covers
  • Interchangeable agitator arms manufactured from hardwearing materials
  • The W-1-S ball mill’s drive unit makes the ball mill for chocolate ideal for production
  • A 0.75 kw drive unit motor has step-less speed outputs
  • Motor safety switch on the on/off button
  • One charge: 25 kg grinding media



W-1-S laboratory ball mill

  • Quality control implementation
  • Testing recipes and research & development
  • Pre-production process solutions