single shaft dry conche machine

Dry conching at low prices

At Royal Duyvis Wiener our customer’s needs are our inspiration. Our equipment designed and manufactured to fulfill the current global industrial demands. In order to meet customer’s needs for dry conches at low prices, Thouet has designed and released a simplified version: The Single shaft dry conche Typ RC.

In the dry conching method developed by Thouet, compound chocolate can be fed directly from the refiner into the conche without the addition of cocoa butter, fats or lecithin.

The shaft scrapes the surface of the batch with its agitator arm that evenly distributes the chocolate, improving the viscosity of your product due to the addition of shear stress. Particles are thereby polished and evenly distributed resulting in a rich flavour development.

The Single shaft dry conche, type RC has one shaft and one large conching rotor and is equal in design and operation to its brother the two-shaft dry conche. Because of its powerful motor, the single shaft and the two shaft conches both realise dry conching at slow and high speed. With its single conching rotor, the process of dry conching requires more time; time required for liquid conching remains the same.


Main benefits:

  • Dry conching at slow and high speed
  • Powerful conching rotor
  • Cost effective
  • Different capacities available
  • Venting hood with lamellas
  • Temperature control cabinet with the plate heat exchangers and water pump
  • Discharge pump with piston valve
  • Optional air conditioning
  • Optional heat exchanger for electrical radiators

Single shaft dry conche Typ RC

  • Cost effective dry & liquid conching
  • Single shaft conching rotor
  • Dry conching at slow and high speed
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