A new evolution in dry conching

Thouet’s long history of innovative conching methods resulted in the highly efficient conching systems for chocolate and compound masses. A new evolution of dry conching emerged with the introduction of the two-shaft dry conche. Due to the more intensive drying process, the conching time has been reduced to approximately 5 to 6 hours.

Royal Duyvis Wiener offers Thouet’s Two shaft dry conche. It is specially designed to conch the grounded chocolate directly from the refiner without having to add cocoa butter, fat and lecithin up front. Thouet’s innovative dry conching method reduces the moisture of the chocolate flakes while removing volatilise and undesired flavours. The turning circles of the two large conching rotors overlap in the centre of the conche tank and thus provide a good and permanent exchange of chocolate particles between the rotors.


Temperature control system

The temperature control system consists of two plate heat-exchangers, one water circulating pump and a refilling device for the water. Both heat-exchangers are equipped with proportional valves at the inlet.

Temperature of the conche is effectively controlled by a closed water circuit that connects the jacket of the conche tank, heat-exchangers, and water pump through pipes. The conche is cooled with cold water, and heated with warm water or steam. Optional the conche can be heated by electrical radiators.

The discharge of the conche is situated at the deepest point of the tank. The tank openings are closed by two special piston valves: When closed the pistons of the valves line the inner wall of the conche tank.


Main benefits:

  • Reduced conching time up to 6 hours
  • The louvers in the venting hood of the conche tank can be turned by 90° by pneumatically operated drives
  • Temperature control system
  • Permanent exchange of chocolate particles between two conching rotors



Two Shaft dry conche Typ DRC-2

  • Dry conching
  • Reduced conching time
  • No longer adding cocoa butter, fat or lecithin upfront
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