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Royal Duyvis Wiener chocolate processing lines

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Our complete and innovative

chocolate processing solutions


Royal Duyvis Wiener’s equipment has reached a high standard in the cocoa – and chocolate industry. Designed and manufactured to fullfil the current global industrial demands. Proven examples, are the superior chocolate processing lines from Royal Duyvis Wiener: the complete and innovative solution for turnkey chocolate processing.

Chocolate processing line

Fully automated systems for storage, transport, dosing of bulk components and  liquids.

Choc 1250-1500

The Choc 1250-1500 guarantees an excellent and consistent product quality with a high production flexibility and swift payback time.

Q choc process line

The Q choc processing lines guarantee excellent product quality and a flexible production.

Choc 425-600

The Choc-425, 600, and Choc-750 are remarkable examples of our easy to operate chocolate production equipment. No mess and no fuss!

W-1-S Laboratory Ball Mill

The chocolate ball mill used at Royal Duyvis Wiener is revered for its production in the cocoa and chocolate industry.


Offering a complete solution for small-scale production of chocolate mass, compound, coatings, creams and bread spreads.


The Uniroto is the flexible and accessible combination of two chocolate making processes in one, a chocolate making machine that really does do it all.

Thinfilm evaporator

The Thin Film Evaporator TC of Royal Duyvis Wiener is an indispensable parts of your chocolate production line.

EMA Choc

Batch-wise and continuous refining of compounds and chocolate. The innovative solution for the continuous refining of compounds, coatings, spreads and fillings.


Cocoa and chocolate pumps

Pumping cocoa mass is an excellent example of the unique attributes of this pump in an industrial  environment. 


Our services are designed to give our clients continuous support with maintenance and overall performance of all production machinery.



Royal Duyvis Wiener is well known as an innovative constructor for its high quality processing equipment, active consultancy, engineering and implementation