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Royal Duyvis Wiener and F.B. Lehmann combine almost 400 years of innovative experience in process development, machine construction, and maintenance services.


Our head office is situated at the very heart of the world famous Dutch cocoa and cocoa butter processing industry in Koog aan de Zaan, The Netherlands. F.B. Lehmann GmbH is situated in Aalen, Germany. 


Wiener and F.B. Lehmann joining Duyvis


Wiener, founded in 1899 and acquired in 2004, is globally known as an innovative manufacturer, supplier of stand-alone and turnkey cocoa and chocolate production machinery. Wiener is a valued partner for the cocoa, chocolate, ice cream, bakery, and confectionery industries. 


F.B. Lehmann, founded in 1834 and acquired in 2010, is well known for their bean intake, winnowing, roasting, and horizontal grinding equipment, as well as its unique state-of-the-art 5-roll refiners. 


By combining the strengths of Duyvis, Wiener and F.B. Lehmann, a new era in cocoa and chocolate processing has commenced. The unique combination of almost 400 years of joint expertise safeguards the leading position of Royal Duyvis Wiener in process innovation, machine construction, and maintenance services.


JAF Inox

The company JAF Inox was founded in 2008, originating from the Sartori & Pedroso Food Company, a family owned business and manufacturer of gourmet chocolate. The processing equipment for the production of gourmet chocolate was developed and engineered in-house and was unique in the Brazilian market. After this equipment became very popular among cocoa- and chocolate producers in Brazil, the decision was made to change focus from the production of gourmet chocolate to the manufacturing of small scale and sophisticated processing equipment. This company became known as JAF Inox.

JAF Inox can supply complete turnkey chocolate production systems from bean to bar.     The standard lines are economical ranging in capacity from 2½ up to 200 kilos of chocolate per hour.  The assortment of equipment ranges from bean cleaning, roasting, winnowing, and grinding to 5 roll refining, conching, tempering, moulding and enrobing.


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Royal Duyvis Wiener B.V., situated in Koog aan de Zaan, The Netherlands, is a 127 year 'young' independent, high-tech company with clients all over the world.

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